5 Factors That Determine A Good Deal On Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

Buying the butt connectors for wiring applications?

The “heat shrink” category fares better than any other in several aspects. For example, they create a perfect seal between the butt connector and the wire. Earlier, soldering was sought as the top technique to joining the wires, but with the advent of heat shrink butt connectors, the former is less used. Reason? The butt connectors don’t cause any extra installation or setup costs. Moreover, they are cheap, safe, easy-to-use and convenient.


Well, we paused the buying topic for some explanations. But, here we are again…

If you shop at normal brick-and-mortar stores, you may find a decent variety, but that wouldn’t fetch a good deal. Instead, you must shop online and buy electrical supplies and similar products.

The five factors that would determine a good deal online include:

1. Product Description. You shouldn’t buy what you don’t know. First, read the product description and know if it meets your requirements or not. Requirement as in, size, strength, resistance, rating, etc.

2. Minimum Order Quantity. You may or may not require a large quantity, but you’d want some. Therefore, see the minimum order quantity that you can place at the seller. Discounts/coupons may apply on large orders.

3. Reviews. Check reviews or feedback provided on various forums about the products and the seller. For example, a person buying 3m heat shrink butt connectors may provide his/her experience on its applications.

4. Prices. The price of butt connectors would vary at different online stores. For example, a 12-10 AWG butt connector may cost $0.66 apiece at one site and $0.34 at another. Therefore, check prices against other parameters.

5. Policies. As a buyer, you need to check the terms and conditions and policies of the seller. It would further help in getting a great deal.

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